Acoustic Liquid | The Story

Experience Sound Art in Motion with Acoustic Liquid

Acoustic Liquid is the personification of the musical ideal of South African musician Westley Engelbrecht who blend together the smoothing sound and subtle energy of Spanish Flamenco guitar, tribal drumbeats and mellifluous, whispered vocals to create music that in its subtlety and its gentleness comes from the clouds above heaven.

The sound of Acoustic Liquid transcends conventional ideas to create the unexpected and leaves listeners transfixed in the ebb and flow of the enchanting sound waves emanating from the fingertips and vocal cords of Westley.

The music becomes a stream of experiences – submersion into the rhythm and melodies transforms and expands consciousness.

Acoustic Liquid originated in the late 1990’s as a cover band but came into its own in 2004 when the dynamic music duo of Westley and percussionist Charles Dubber underwent a transitioning to emerge from hard rock and pursue unplugged acoustic rock – a life affirming shift.

Through this radical change they pushed the boundaries of their own capabilities in a gamble to break into new frontiers – and it paid off.

During one of Acoustic Liquid’s very first music festivals a power cut threatened to end their show even before it started, but after going “unplugged” around a massive fire a stunning performance ensued, hailed by many as the “highlight of the festival”.

The rest is history and Acoustic Liquid has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Since inception Acoustic Liquid has produced two albums – Alone in Thought in 2009 and Ride to Nowhere in 2014 – to critical acclaim and acceptance by a new-found fan base. A full length CD version of Ride to Nowhere is currently in the works and due for release in 2016. Experience the Acoustic Liquid sound through direct streaming of the two albums.

The journey thus far has been incredible and Acoustic Liquid has created music not only locally but in foreign lands too. Read more about Westly Engelbrecht and his musical journey.

This musical ideal continues to grow as Acoustic Liquid Studios with Westley offering a range of musical services from live performances and corporate events to sound engineering, editing and design as well as jingle writing and the commissioning of compositions. Check out the performance and production services on offer by Acoustic Liquid Studio.

Get in touch with Acoustic Liquid to enquire about live performances and production services.